Pasteurised and Homogenised Cow Milk

Milk and Dairy products are source of high quality Protein and Calcium but now a days, it’s difficult to get pure and unadulterated dairy products. Recent surveys by various agencies suggested that most of the milk available in the market is adulterated, unsafe or sub-standard with traces of pesticides, toxins & hormones.

Our farm is unique and rarest in the country where all dairy facilities like Cattle Farm, Milk Processing Unit and Milk Packaging Unit are under one roof. With the help of Modern infrastructure and Technologies available at the farm, no human intervention is involved which results into below benefits:

  1. No Human Touch to milk from milking to packaging of milk
  2. Pure milk without any adulteration
  3. Hygienic milk
  4. Hormone Free milk
  5. Zero Delay for processing
  6. Reduces turnaround time with help of effective Supply chain management